The state of the ocean climate
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The OOPC and the JCOMM Observations Programme Area have identified a need to develop tools for system evaluation of the sustained global ocean observing system. Eventually, an important tool for this evaluation will be the use of ocean forecast models and reanalysis models in observing system simulation experiments (OSSE). Another more immediate tool developed experimentally here are ocean climate indices that can be linked to major patterns of climate variability with significant social impact, and estimations of their uncertainty, which give an indication of our ability to measure the ocean. They also provide an at-a-glance overview of the state of the ocean climate, and a way to talk to a wider audience about the ocean observing system.

These indices have been calculated using observational analyses sourced from different operational centers, and are updated on a weekly or monthly basis. Details of the scientific and social interest of the index, observational analysis sources, index calculation, and error estimation are given alongside each index. This experimental site is evolving with the input of many partners, including CLIVAR basin panels and the Global Synthesis and Observations Panel (GSOP), with Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE), and other scientists. These partners' Web sites can be found by the following three (external) links: CLIVAR, GSOP, GODAE.

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  • Nino3.4 SSTA, central tropical Pacific sea surface temperature anomaly as an indicator of El Niño
  • El Niño outgoing-longwave-radiation (OLR), eastern-central tropical Pacific deep atmospheric convection activity linked to El Niño type influence of extra-tropical seasonal weather anomalies


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